The need for independent valuations is a service often required by our clients. Typically, a potential sale, equity injection, finance application or business restructuring, requires the need for an expert valuation. In addition, with the corporate landscape continually changing in respect of corporate governance and regulatory requirements, expert valuations are critical for Directors to adequately discharge their duties.

At Rothsay we determine a valuation through utilising the latest, accepted valuation methodologies and techniques with our combined extensive commercial experience. We then apply our professional judgement in delivering quality reports identifying matters such as key risk areas.

Our team consists of dedicated valuation specialists with a high degree of practical, technical and business expertise and can assist in the following:

  • Business Valuation
  • Company Valuation
  • Transaction pricing analysis
  • Valuation in accordance with Accounting Standards
  • Valuation for Tax purposes such as:
    • CGT Cost Base allocation
    • Stamp duty requirements
    • Tax Consolidation requirements
  • Dispute resolution