Audit and Assurance

The need for Audit and Assurance Services has escalated to become more than merely meeting regulatory requirements. As businesses develop and grow, your organisation’s responsibilities for governance and risk management increase accordingly. Directors and management become increasingly weighed down with multiple reporting obligations in order to meet stakeholder, statutory and/or regulatory demands.

We support our clients with Independent Assurance when this is requested, as this is recognised as providing credibility to the integrity and validity of disclosures in any necessary reports or statements. Assurance is sought on the completeness, accuracy and consistency of the information contained, as well as the truth and fairness of the reporting based on your actual business and financial performance.

The landscape of reporting parameters by businesses has also widened in recent years and can range from financial reporting, reporting on compliance with corporate governance policies and compliance with agreed service or control standards, through to reporting on other forms of management affirmations and declarations.

Rothsay acutely understands the increased responsibilities now faced by businesses in managing their need to meet higher qualitative and regulatory reporting demands, with relatively limited internal resources.

We dedicate a significant amount of time to understanding your business and tailoring the audit and assurance approach to align with your objectives, goals and risks. As well as ensuring your reporting is in accordance with all required standards and is presented fairly, our assurance process provides broader insights into your business through gaining an in-depth understanding of your internal systems, processes, controls and structure.

This provides information that will enable you to better identify risk and mitigating controls. The outcome is simpler, smarter and well-informed decisions.

Our experienced Audit and Assurance team has significant specialist expertise in covering all assurance and risk requirements.

Our latest Audit and Transparency Report can be found here.

Our areas of audit and assurance related services include:

  • Financial statement audits
  • Compliance and regulatory audits
  • Due diligence and reviews
  • Assurance engagements
  • Internal audit and risk advisory
  • Financial reporting, preparation and advisory