Mining & Exploration

The world of mining and exploration can be, at times, uncertain, turbulent, yet, one of the most rewarding Australian Industries. Mining and exploration companies face a range of challenges both at the exploration and production stages of their business lifecycle. Markets are often volatile and during a company’s infancy key members of management will be required to wear a number of hats across a range of business roles taking on responsibilities that would ordinarily fall outside the scope of their traditional role.


At Rothsay, we appreciate the challenges faced. We have a specialised and focused mining and exploration team to assist management navigate the challenges and burden of compliance with financial regulations. Our team is underpinned by a depth of experience in not only the mining and exploration sector, but a wide range of sectors, and our client success and retention is testament to that.

Our services include:

  • Financial Statement Audit
  • Half-year Review Engagements
  • Due Diligence Engagements
  • Technical Accounting Advice and management consulting on the impact of upcoming planned and proposed accounting standards changes

We consider ourselves to be pragmatic and commercial while at the same time ensuring compliance with all Australian Accounting Standards, Australian Assurance Standards and ASX Listing Rules. Our team has been developed to be the ‘steady hand’ management can rely upon to assist with all matters related to financial reporting.