Management Consulting

Every business faces multiple challenges meeting internal requirements and achieving desired outcomes. Our clients know they can call whenever they have something pressing to deal with, whether this is a major strategic or operational need, an organisational challenge – or simply the pressure to deliver results.

If you’re caught in uncertain times, having direct access to our experienced Rothsay team will ensure you have timely financial insights, honest answers and solid professional advice. When decisions need to be made that can have major consequences for your business, the need to interpret all relevant information, measure and take the right steps is vital to your operations and success.

Rothsay takes a holistic, independent and fact-based view of your business performance and draws on this factual and objective overview to provide you with clarity on key business decisions.

Our services include

  • Working closely with you to develop and implement strategies that provide business opportunities
  • Managing and sustaining growth and maximising revenue
  • Helping to build your capabilities and leadership skills across every level and opportunity
  • Assisting in building your internal support structures and establishing the capability to fully participate in the consulting process and lead the work, even if we are not there
  • Benchmarking and business planning