Our Values

Our professional approach at Rothsay Chartered Accountants is guided by four key values which form the foundation of all client and colleague collaborations. These core values are Relationships, Innovation, Service and Experience.


We believe that it is the strength of our working relationships that defines us as a firm and is integral to our ongoing success. We aspire to develop personalised professional relationships with our clients that allow us to best understand your specific circumstances in order to provide highly beneficial and value-added advice and outcomes.


We embrace innovation in all business areas including technological, structural or social. We proactively seek out innovative strategies to best support our clients, staying up to date and current on the latest tax laws, financial disclosures and accounting technology advancements.


The team at Rothsay provides the best possible service in a timely, accurate  and comprehensive way, offering insights into your current financial position with an eye to creating and growing future opportunities. Our structure allows all clients to have access to the Rothsay professional who has the most appropriate skill-set to optimise your individual result. We show you the best way forward and make the complex simple.


Rothsay has many years of experience in the provision of professional services ranging across wide and varied industries and disciplines. This breadth and solid background ensures that we can create a strategic roadmap to obtain the best possible financial outcomes on your behalf.