The Next Level

Beyond Organic Growth – A Pathway From Aspiration to Execution
Integrated Peer Group Workshops & 1:1 Coaching over 12 weeks

Programme Overview

Taking a business to the next level demands the commitment to move from working in the business, to working on the business. It requires a focussed, supportive environment; as well as a structured approach and process.

This programme is a journey of learning how to formulate robust growth strategies, and translating them into practical Execution & Action Plans.

It is a journey we at Rothsay undertook ourselves and see the benefits. We want to share this experience with our clients as part of our extended service portfolio.

We are pleased to provide this programme in partnership with Business Backstage Pty Ltd.

Who should attend

CEOs, Business Owners, Managing Directors
of small/medium sized organisations who

  • intend to implement growth strategies
  • are ready to take action and commit time to the planning process
  • look for an environment providing the structure, process and expertise

For more information, contact programme facilitator:

Ursula  Dauenhauer, Director, Business Backstage

T: 1300 113 016 E:

Or speak to your relationship manager at Rothsay.

Programme Objectives

  • Learn in a peer-group environment about core principles for business growth.
  • Apply during 1:1 mentoring sessions the concepts to your business.
  • Benefit from a structured pathway providing focus, time and expertise.

Programme Outcomes

  • A practical, clear Business Growth Plan for your business is the ultimate result.
  • Integrated strategy and execution action plan aligned with your specific situation.
  • Practical tools and techniques for implementation and change management.